We are Mahayana and Yochai traveling with our two years old child, Pardes. We started our traveling in April 2021. Covid’s chain of events made us think that fulfilling our dream is not something we should plan to do in the future. On the contrary, it is a goal for the present.
Travelling allows us to discover and reinvent our flexibility and mobility. We saw how these abilities could quickly disappear with a baby, and it gave us the push we needed to make a move.

We looked at our savings, waited until Pardes turned one year old, and took a flight without a plan. It didn’t matter where because our comfort zone was movement. Equally important, Pardes taught us to move differently than what we knew before. 
We started to enjoy staying in the same place for at least a week, returning to the same restaurant, saying good morning to the merchants in the market, and good evening to the neighbor across the street.
let’s call it -Slow Travel-

There isn’t one theme to this blog because we are more than one. More than budget traveling because sometimes the body is longing for a comfortable bed covered with bright white sheets. More than parents traveling because we break boundaries with our toddler, and more than slow travelers because if we feel like it, we’re gone after a day.

I know it sounds weird, but we like to compare ourselves to hydrogen molecules in water.
We are constantly moving.
But slow traveling makes us feel like we know our ground and space. It changes our traveling experiences, and we realize that slow pace travel offers us more: we don’t travel for the purpose of taking pictures and moving to the next attraction. We are involved and submerge ourselves into the places we visit.
We love to tell you more about it in our posts and tips.

Hopefully, our blog will give you some bright ideas about life and slow traveling, together with valuable tips and practical advice for your travels.

If you have a travel question or an idea for an upcoming post, we will love to hear about it. Please email us at [email protected]
and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.